It glosses over the power of vested interests. I argue w/ @JeffDColgan and @thomasnhale that the existential politics of climate change mean that asset owners who face the loss of value of their assets will fight like hell to maintain that value. 2/n
Other work with @jenniferhadden @paashamahdavi and @thomasnhale shows that major oil and gas firms have softened their tone on #climatechange but #fossilfuels remain the core of their business model. 3/n
So yes to technology, but first: POLITICS. 5/n
Agree 100% that industrial policy is a key way to access these politics. But it’s not just about developing new tech and/or figuring out how to integrate it. It’s about political will to aggressively invest and deploy. cc @bentleyballan
The authors worry that #GreenNewDeal will become a “Xmas tree” w/ everyone’s favorite policy included. I see the logic as merging #industrialpolicy w/ mass politics, AND recognizing that climate change is primarily a problem abt inequality. 7/n
We can argue abt whether #GND has the details right. I see it as a political vision for addressing interrelated probs of #climatechange and inequality. To me, technology cannot fix what is fundamentally a political problem. 8/n cc @aldatweets @jnoisecat @katearonoff @joobilly
To be clear, I think v highly of all the authors of this piece (I know 3 of them personally). I’m just trying to inject some more politics into their excellent analysis. /FIN
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