The last few weeks I've been doing nightly runs with care packages for people sleeping rough in the area. A part of those care packages are sterile syringes (& my own sharps kit), not to encourage people to take drugs but because addiction is & illness & Harm Reduction is key 1/7
to ensuring those with addiction make it safely through this pandemic just like everyone else.

The is stigma faced by drug users, drug use and addiction in general acts as a barrier for people when it comes to seeking support.

Yes I encourage people not to use if that's a 2/7
possibility for them, but addiction is a very difficult road to travel for anyone and often in times of uncertainty people will seek comfort in what ever they can.

We need to support our most vulnerable and whether people want to admit it or not people with addiction are 3/7
members of a vulnerable group.

More and more I'm hearing of drug shortages across the country whether that's from people that use weed as as something to help them combat their anxiety or more severe drugs for those that use it to forget. 4/7
When a person struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, they are likely to struggle with poor mental health, physical problems, both short-term and chronic issues.

Yes they are also likely to cause suffering for their loved ones, including their own families and friends. 5/7
But while the their initial consumption may be a choice Addiction itself is not a choice that an individual can control; it is a compulsion, so they are unable to stop consuming drugs or alcohol without help.

Does that mean that we stop helping them? 6/7
No, it means that we work with them to engage in harm reduction, encouraging them to keep safe, that if they are to continue to use that they do so safely.

Everyone needs to be supported, even those many in society would rather see swept away. #InThisTogether 7/7
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