I do not endorse Joe Biden. I won’t be voting for him, or Trump, here in California in Nov. I owe no one an explanation for my decision. But, if anyone is actually interested in one, I’ll still go ahead and provide the 3 main reasons anyway, in order from least to most important:
3. I live in CA. Joe Biden will win this state by around 3 million votes if I vote for him. He will win by around 3 million votes if I don’t vote for him. The archaic electoral college effectively makes my vote for president irrelevant and I intend to vote my conscience with it.
2. Biden fails miserably on literally every issue I care about most. On healthcare, war&peace, economic inequality, mass incarceration, money in politics, student debt forgiveness, imperialism, abolishing ICE, the humanity of Palestinians, etc etc his record/platform is abysmal.
1. I believe Tara Reade. I believe Biden used his power to digitally rape her when she was his staffer in ‘93, I believe the 7 women who accused him of sexual misconduct, and I’ve seen videos of several other women & girls made uncomfortable by his creepy touching. Just NO.
So that’s it. If I lived in WI, MI, PA, etc maybe I’d have to think much harder about this choice, or maybe not. I hate Donald Trump passionately. He’s an awful president and the antithesis of everything I believe in. However, reason 1 makes this irrelevant to my decision...
Both Biden & Trump have horrendous, power-serving records & are guilty of disgusting personal behavior. In some cases, the “lesser evil” argument has merit. But not this one. Not for me. I won’t vote for a candidate I believe raped another human being, and I believe *both* have.
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