The show always starts with three real producers who have serious credentials: @RyanTedder, @shanemcanally and @EsterDean. Then they bring on an artist. Last night was @ladyantebellum. The songwriters have to pitch, and then they workshop the song.  2/
Then there are four songwriters, each of whom plays their song. When they're done, the artist and the producers don't cut them down. They lift them up, offering tips, lyric suggestions, melody changes. Artists offer specific ideas to make it their own.  3/
And then they get to work. Three songwriters move on, and they get paired with an all-star to workshop and record, gaining amazing experience. @timhalperin sat down with @ryantedder. I don't know for how long (TV edits!) but any time would be precious.  4/
On last night's show, there were three GREAT @ladyantebellum songs. Two ballads and one pop/party jam. They can only choose one, but frankly, I think they could have recorded all three. Each improved greatly from its original pitch.  5/
My favorite was @timhalperin's and not just because I've talked to him before and he's from Omaha. They advised him to turn it into a duet, hit the lyrics harder, work on the melody. It worked. I could easily hear that as a @ladyantebellum song.  6/
Showing all that behind the scenes stuff — pitching, workshopping, recording, pitching again, rewrites — gives you a feel for how they do it. And actual work with producers, writers and artists is good experience even if your song doesn't get chosen.  7/
I'm sure there's lots of TV magic. I don't know how much time they get with the coaches. I don't know how much input they get on their own songs. But even five minutes with @shanemcanally would be gold. And if you win, that's insane.  8/
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