RT for Awareness: A thread about the Current state of #NamHipHop2020 🇳🇦. At this point I don’t understand my Namibian people any more. We cry Namibian Hip Hop is dead and how we need to revive it. But when we provide you with quality HipHop music you don’t Respond. #TKTheRapper
Question #1 who are you waiting for to revive #NamHipHop if not Namibian Rappers? Please tell me. #NamHipHop2020 #TKTheRapper
2 weeks ago I said I’m the best rapper in the country 🇳🇦. As every professional should feel about thier work. I got backlash of 9 diss songs 😅 Not my proudest moment but happy to have brought a little attention to Rap #NamHipHop2020
Bare in mind all I claimed was that “I’m the best rapper in the country, and rightfully so, I’m entitled to my own opinion. As professionals we should believe in our own ability. I’ve been doing this rap thing for years. And all I’ve done to this point is for the love of Hip Hop
I Rap for a living and not many can say that. I did not just wake up one day claiming I can Rap. #NamHipHop2020 #TkTheRapper
In 2018 I was one of the opening acts for the @Nasty_CSA #IvysonTourWHK. The only Namibian Rappers that graced the stage that night was me @Romiofficial96 @lioness_CilQ KK and my boy @Princelou_na Shout out to the Black Box crew. #NamHipHop2020 #TkTheRapper.
I’ve put in my 10000hrs and I know my competition and I know that I can compete at the Highest level of Rap in the country 🇳🇦. #NamHipHop2020 #TkTheRapper
#NamHipHop 🇳🇦 has been dead for 10 years for God sake, 10 years. Do we not want this sport back in the motherland? #NamHipHop2020 #TkTheRapper
You cannot play a sport without players!! In 🇳🇦 we only have a handful of Rappers and even then most of the guys have day jobs coz the genre cannot sustain them. But kwaito guys are making a descent living. Why not Rap? #NamHipHop2020 #TKTheRapper #CoronaFreestyle
Is the “I don’t listen to local music” movement still a thing in modern 🇳🇦 society. If that’s the case then the local entertainment industry is doomed. #NamHipHop2020 #TKTheRapper #CoronaFreestyle.
Anyways I just dropped a crazy #CoronaFreestyle yesterday best freestyle that has been dropped in years by a 🇳🇦Namibian Rapper. I’m sure Mr Shiimi will appreciate it. @Gazza467_ Pls RT for Awareness #NamHipHop2020 YouTube:
#NamHipHop will stay dead if us locals don’t recognize the ones doing it in the motherland. With that said My mixtape is Out Now hate me or love me. I got all the time in the world. My debut album drops in 2021 stick around folks. We bringing Rap back #NamHipHop2020 #TkTheRapper.
I’m about to gift you with some hard local HipHop songs, and plug you to some dope Rappers #MyColleagues. If you love hip hop and want to see this genre flourish in Namibia follow my page to be notified @tk_the_rapper
#StandUpNamHipHop #NamHipHop2020 #TkTheRapper
This is it my fellow countryman🇳🇦, if you don’t acknowledge Nam Rap as of today, forget it. Rap as we know it will stay dead in Namibia. I was born to rap, all this kids that dissed me will one day be able to eat of my name no 🧢. #NamHipHop2020 #TkTheRapper
My lead single Mbelewa is a Number one record. And no one can take that away from me. But I have harder joints on the tape #Iikuni 🔥. word on the street is #TheAlarm is the hottest tape on the streets out right now Facts. #TKTheRapper #NamHipHop2020
If you missed the Mbelewa wave the Full video is on YouTube:
#TKTheRapper #NamHipHop2020
This is my discography. Big Shout to the big homie @ExitRockaz for jumping onto the Alarm and believing in my ability. #TheSquad @vikta_official @Kaboymakili @kingElegantNA @6066Y_WVDK_Na @RomeoSlimmer the legend Neslow, Zach and Rosey aka @shikikapia #TheAlarm #NamHipHop2020
Other than That the Corona Freestyle is out Now streaming live on YouTube: let’s bring back the sport of Namibian Hip Hop. #NamHipHop2020 #TkTHeRapper #CoronaFreestyle
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