Convenience Stores and Newsagents Assoc slates govt #Covid19 Pandemic Payment scheme saying it makes it more lucrative for some workers in their sector to quit and go on welfare. They've reported 25 people so far who quit to Special Investigations Unit of #DEASP. #welfare #CSNA
After Nat Exec remote mtg today, #CSNA CEO Vincent Jennings queried why #DEASP chose not to seek confirmation from employer of applicant for #Covid19 Pandemic Payment they were genuinely let go prior to approving payment of the E350 per week. #welfare
#CSNA Jennings: convenience stores/newsagents had no prob with employees receiving payment for losing job or if health compromised - but couldn't accept income support rate twice and in some cases 3 times the takehome pay of weekend/part time workers. #welfare #Covid19.
Dept of Social Protection #DEASP confirms that while documentary evidence of layoff/redundancy needed for normal Jobseeker benefit, no documentary evidence that employer actually laid a worker off currently sought from applicants for #Covid19 Pandemic payment. #welfare #CSNA
#DEASP: #COVID19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment is emergency payment and "as such the application process is streamlined and much simpler". Employer not required to provide any information at application stage - the form is a self-declaration from the affected employee. #welfare
#DEASP "The Department is continuously working to ensure claims are eligible which involves ongoing contact with Revenue and the Department will formally contact customers to seek clarification or additional information if required." #CSNA #Covid19 #welfare
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