Obama is a capable politician. He understands the tide of dem voters so of course he's gonna make overtures. But these overtures are 100% in rhetoric & framing. They're not substantive. Give them what they want without giving them what they want. win/win to him, voters & donors.
It's a lot like Trump bashing the wars when he ran in 2016. Now as president he's escalated most conflicts (while still using the anti-war rhetoric!). A good politician makes you think they're with you. Are they actually with you? Very rarely.
Obama is basically saying hey to all of you young angry Bernie supporters who I just mobilized against before super Tuesday at the last minute to snuff out, I'm actually with you (lol). Since people are very desperate to be taken seriously, it'll probably work on a sizable number
The reason why people are melting over Obama's overtures to the left is that his cheap knockoffs (beto, pete etc) were too fucking stupid to play the same game. They literally echoed GOP talking point on medicare for all & other issues in the debates.
Obama knows he has corporate parameters and he'll work within them but jesus christ you don't *run on* dreary neoliberal garbage you pretend to be more idealistic and forward thinking! Save the neoliberalism for the backroom deals! I guarantee you Obama scoffed at Pete, Beto etc.
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