New drops (14 Apr '20). I suspect many connections btwn MSM & DNC can be found via Wikileaks list re: who colluded w/DNC or HRC campaign during 2016 election. Podesta Group (closed in 2017) = bridge btwn MSM, FBI/DOJ & HRC.
2. What a great meme! Congrats to @EverythingQAnon on the shout-out!
3. Did bad actors turn ticks into biological weapon to spread Lyme Disease?
Does Hydroxychloroquine combined w/other drugs (e.g., Z-Pak + Zinc to treat Covid-19) cure may other (manmade) viruses?
POTUS knows.
4. No idea when NDA Drudge signed expires re: sale to foreign entity (MOS?). Assuming after election in Nov. Big Tech planning to remove/blackout pro Trump accounts. Thus Q recommending we archive everything offline. More pro-Trump Fox personalities to turn on POTUS? Wonder who.
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