Thread: You never can have too much of a good thing - especially if that’s Penguins. My two toddler nieces have a fascination with these birds so I’ve learnt a lot about them!

Now you can own two of my drawings at a one-off price to celebrate my 50th birthday. Take a look!
I think everyone should have access to original artwork so in order to celebrate my 50th birthday I’ve got a one-off amazing offer so that my work is available to everyone.

2 artworks €50(£45) in Europe
3 artworks €149(US$164) outside Europe & inclusive of courier delivery
Instructions for IRL, UK & Europe
1. Identify the works you want from my Etsy shop:
2. Message me with their names or screenshots
3. I create a unique listing for you on Etsy
4. You double check it & buy it
5. I confirm & ship

Emperor Penguins (2020)
Instructions If you are based OUTSIDE the EU/UK
1. Identify the works you want
2. I create a listing for you
3. The listing will show your local currency & you buy
4. Provide me with a mobile (cell) phone number for the courier
5. I confirm & ship

A Penguin for Our Times (2020)
The offer has been going for only a 2 weeks & fits with my belief that everyone should have access to original artwork. I’ve already had orders from Switzerland to California.

Adélie Penguin (2020)
Normally I sell individual drawings for €150 so it’s a pretty good deal to get two for just €50. The offer ends when I either run out of drawings, run out of packaging (due to the lockdown) or reach the 30th April.

Little Blue Penguin (2020)
EU/UK shipments go via registered mail & shipping is €20/£17.50

Penguin (2020)
Each work is in ink on paper & is A3 sized (11.7 x 16.4 inches; 29.7 x 42cm)

The Determined Penguin (2020)
Work will be shipped to one address & will be delivered by registered post. Due to the current lockdown there may be delays in shipping, but we can discuss.

The Singing King (2020)
You can see the full range of works included here: but let me know in advance before u buy so I can create a specific listing for you with your choices.

Pink Penguin (2020)
Of course penguins aren’t the only birds I like to study! I spent time working on the conservation of puffins

Two Puffins (2020)
A Skomer Puffin (2020)
An Irish Goldfinch (2020)
A Dublin Robin (2019)
Please note that some works are gone already & it’s first come, first served. To see what’s available look at my Etsy:

If you see something that’s not listed in my shop but in this thread just ask!

A Hero (2020)
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