Like the wind
Our time is no more
You're my moonlight
In the darkness i find
Flower so pure
That's frozen in time
You, you
I long for your name
The sound of your breath, your voice
The sound of you hurts even in my dreams

You, you
The sound that rings throughout
If I call you every day
Will you hear me?
My shouting heart?

To you?
I just wanna know
Within one hope
If you will ever see it
I just wanna know one thing
That is all
If our days will be back
Say that
Everything will be fine, after all
I will always be here
Say that
When it's time, it'll be deeper than before
I will always be here
Every night I'm falling
In a deeper longing for you
Can I be your star
Be your light
Shine your lonely night
I will guide your dark
And lonely night
In a world without distortion
In a land that only shines
There, I could be myself, there we could begin without pain
This rain, this rain
Makes our memories
Bloom and get farther away

And I And I
In the end, we’ll walk on different paths (we can’t see each other)
I just can’t hold onto you (with my hands)
Till we meet again later on
At the place filled with love
See You
Can we be together?

I’ll be there
I’ll be there

After everything scatters
We can meet
It all hurts

At that place, we’re smiling together
I’ll be there

See you again
You’re like the sun that can’t be covered
You fall on my heart warmly

If I was you
I’d hold me in your arms
I want to stay in your dazzling days
Every day

I’m saying the same things
In the same dream
I see a new me
In your eyes
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