No, it's not. They never say "green new deal", they never say "single payer, medicare for all" for a very specific reason. They don't believe in it. They want to placate the left enough to get your vote then do none of your policy priorities. Sorry it's the truth.
There's not an honest ideological debate happening between the 2 wings of the democratic party. One wing believes in social democracy, the other would believe in it but they're bought and owned by corporate interests so they represent them and govern as neoliberals.
It's not like "oh we have some disagreements", it's like this wing doesn't want to kowtow to wall street, big pharma, for profit health insurance companies the military industrial complex etc and this other wing does. Vote for whoever you want but don't delude yourself.
Democrats seem to understand and fully grasp the notion that Republican politicians are corrupt and that influences their votes. It also happens to be the case with at least half of the democratic politicians as well but every election cycle we have to pretend that's not the case
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