#BandraStation incident is shocking and shameful.
We have been demanding to arrange for ration and food since so many days to ration card holders and also to the people who do not have ration cards.

Hon PM @narendramodi ji has been appealing for social distancing and if the railway is started, the basic purpose of keeping social distance will be defeated.
So, proper arrangements locally is the only solution at present.
But since such arrangements haven’t being made, and ...
...we have been repeatedly requesting the same to the State Govt, but in vain.
At least, now, from today’s #bandrastation incident, State Govt must take a lesson and ensure that such dangerous incidents do not take place in future.
#Mumbai #CoronaInMaharashtra
What is more unfortunate is that, in such situation too, State Govt is shrugging off the responsibility from own shoulders and blaming the Central Government.
At least now understand that this war against #CoronaVirus is not a political war!
It is my earnest request once again, that #WarAgainstVirus has to be fought with seriousness and unitedly.
The State Govt should be finding solutions rather than hunting for copouts!
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