As MANY disabled people have pointed out, one way for @JoeBiden to foster better relations with disabled voters would be to adopt the @SenSanders and / or @ewarren plans. 1/11 #CripTheVote #RevUp
But absent that, and off the top of my head, here are some essential components that I could see @JoeBiden adopting that would energize me a bit. 2/11 #CripTheVote #RevUp
Ending subminimum wage. 3/ #CripTheVote #RevUp
End the “marriage penalty” for Social Security. 4/11 #CripTheVote #RevUp
Change income and savings limits so disabled people on Social Security and other benefits can earn and save substantially more without losing benefits. 5/ #CripTheVote #RevUp
Fully fund IDEA and strengthen oversight and enforcement. 6/11 #CripTheVote #RevUp
Go at least as far on health care as @PeteButtigieg with his “Medicare For All Who Want It” idea. I’d much prefer Medicare For All, but if that isn’t going to happen, let’s at least take a substantial step. 7/11 #CripTheVote #RevUp
Add full coverage for long term community-based care to Medicare. 8/11 #CripTheVote #RevUp
Also, DO NOT throw any policy bones to enthusiasts for group homes, special “communities,” and mental health “beds.” Community integration in all things! 9/11 #CripTheVote #RevUp
It would also help a lot to hear a strong statement from @JoeBiden affirming the fundamental right of people with disabilities to be treated for #COVID19 10/11 #CripTheVote #RevUp #HighRiskCOVID19 #NoBodyIsDisposable
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