1. Why do I think #Trump tried to make money from testing?

I got asked this by several accounts a few days ago. They were accounts I didn't previously know and that coordinated conduct with other obvious troll posts said it was troll-like, so I didn't respond and blocked them.
2. I've pondered it since. Here's my answer why.

First, some context. I called a pandemic on January 22. The #RedDawn email was January 28. Starting on January 28 my @Twitter focus was on testing. Initially, I could not fathom why only #CDC was testing. It just seemed odd.
3. I reported the coming economic crash based on the #BalticDryRate by February 27 with the #TrumpPendemic hashtag. I scanned all my old family photos for my kids because I feared we all might die. https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1233098293518823424?s=20
4. Through February into March continued to report on the lack of tests. https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1233830207368286208?s=20
5. https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1233831764121944064?s=20
6. https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1233839778623258632?s=20
7. And on March 1, in one of Trump team early pressers, it became obvious to me that Trump had some role in the testing failure.

Remember Alex Azar? Don't see him much do we? I'd pull that video and these following pressers @MSNBC @maddow @Lawrence. https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1234168031263113216?s=20
8. On March 2, there was a discussion of the testing that I took for evidence that CDC had granted someone a monopoly over the testing. That's not best practice and without the right legislative predicate is likely illegal IMO. https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1234617066688151552?s=20
9. By March 4 the strange way they all addressed the tests told me they were all hiding something. https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1235376201641779200?s=20
10. I continued to focus on testing. Here is my March 8 post where I begin to suspect Trump's direct involvement in the failure: https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1236771816208617472?s=20
11. Then came March 11 when @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump said the magic word, "perfect" that told me it was him. It came like a bullet shot. The tell of tells. He had a personal role in the procurement IMO. 80% likelihood. https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1237921947217874946?s=20
12. https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1237874135109210112?s=20
13. And I was not the only one who spotted test issues. Here's @maddow. Tests are the key to ending the shutdown, not having a second or third waive and key to defeating Trump. https://twitter.com/maddow/status/1237138303079587841?s=20
Find the Jan to March CDC contract documents. Get a competitor of firm they contracted with to file a Sherman & Clayton act suit, seek prelim injunction & expedited discovery. @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @MarkWarner @RepAdamSchiff @Yamiche @JonLemire @Acosta @PeterAlexander
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