New Q 9/14/20- Media Connections #FakeNews
Missing [29] connections - National #FakeNewsMedia
Missing [98] connections - Local.
MSNBC Host Mika Brzezinski's father is Zbigniew Brzezinski #FakeNews
Zbigniew Brzezinski: The man behind Obama's foreign policy
Zbig served as a counselor to Lyndon Johnson and was President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser
Who is Jim Acosta's x-wife? It says her name is Sharon Mobley Stow and they divorced in 2017🤔
When you Google Sharon Mobley Stow, pics of Huma Abedin come up👀
Hillary comrade Huma Abedin and Jim Acosta attend the Red Carpet WHCD in 2015 #FakeNewsMedia🤡
Christiane Amanpour- CNN anchor was married to James Rubin for 20 years (divorced in 2018)
James Rubin served as U.S. Assistant Secretary of State in the Clinton Administration from 1997–2000
James Rubin with Countess Maya von Schonburg and Lord Rothschild #FakeNewsMedia
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