CM Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray’s address to the State today;
I want to thank the Bhim Sainiks and others who throng Shivtirth in December & April to pay their respects to Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. But, today the Bhim Sainiks showed an exemplar of discipline and paid respects to him at home.
Today, the Hon’ble Prime Minister spoke to the country and extended the lockdown from April 14 to May 3. I thank the Prime Minister for this.
This fight must be taken seriously and we are doing it. You all are showing exemplary unity and courage in fighting this crisis. That is why, we all are confident that we will overcome the situation.
Contrary to what a few people feel and imagine, things in Maharashtra are going well. Maharashtra is conducting the highest number of tests in the country.
In just Mumbai, over 22,000-23,000 tests have been conducted, and overall 40,000+ tests have been conducted in Maharashtra till today morning.
The Maharashtra Government has been fighting the crisis with fortitude and doing all we can.

By today morning, we had around 2,334 positive cases and 230 positive cases have been discharged after treatment. Around 32 people are serious, but stable.
I want to tell you something special. I spoke to two people today. They showed the courage of a warrior and the conviction that a problem can be overcome by fortitude.
One of them is Tanishk More, a 6 month old child who defeated corona. I spoke to his mother. I also spoke on phone to an 86-year old grandmother, who was cured of corona and went home. From a six-month old to an 86-year old, they have defeated corona!
Our Government did something else. It has created a task force under Dr Sanjay Oak, and experts from across specialisations in medicine like cardiac care and nephrology. This team began work yesterday.
They will formulate a line of treatment and guidelines to cure people in Mumbai and Maharashtra. They will guide the health services. It also includes private practitioners and those from the Municipal Corporation & Health Department.
As I said, we have created a bifurcation between COVID and non-COVID hospitals. Patients with COVID will be taken to one set of hospitals, while another will be for those without it.
In COVID hospitals, experts will also be present to do dialysis, treat cardiac issues and diabetes. This is a new step.
As I said earlier, after the COVID scourge is over, we may have to face an economic crisis. We must be ready for this from now. So, two teams have been formed for that as well.
A group of Ministers under DCM @AjitPawarSpeaks ji will study how the lockdown will be gradually lifted, permissions to be given and to whom, the economic measures and precautions to be taken. This will be done by my colleagues in the cabinet.
Similarly, a team under Dr Raghunath Mashelkar ji, Dr Vijay Kelkar ji, Deepak Parekh ji and Ajit Ranade ji will suggest measures to cushion the economy from the coming disruption.
About agriculture, we have already given instructions to ensure that farmers, who are the soul of India and the one who feeds us is not impeded, when it comes to sowing and other transactions in the sector like purchase of seeds and fertilisers.
As the Hon’ble Prime Minister said, we will take a review and then decide on starting industries after the 20th and the extent of these operations. There is no need for anyone to be scared.
So far, we have fought bravely to stop this virus. It has been unable to enter 10 districts. We must uproot it from other districts like Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur.
Mumbai is a Gateway to India, and as HinduHriday Samrat Shiv Sena Pramukh Balasaheb Thackeray said, it is one without doors. It has a busy international airport, which sees huge arrivals.
In Mumbai and Pune, we are taking extra precautions. This includes increasing tests and testing centres, containment zones and quarantining those who have come in contact with corona positive cases, and isolating them based on symptoms to prevent transmission.
I am proud to spell out our new initiative. We have applied to the Centre to seek permissions for a Plasma Treatment Center in Maharashtra and for a BCG vaccine experiment.
The shortage is in the supply of equipment to be given to doctors like PPE and ventilators. This is happening globally. But, in Maharashtra we are increasing supply.
Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs are coming forward to supply PPE and ventilators. Many are joining forces with us to help the State and the Country.
This is not the time for politics when this battle is on. The crisis must be countered with courage and unity. If not, we do not need an external enemy.
Half of the month of April is over. The monsoons will start in a month and half. The administration has already been told to ensure stock of essentials, food and services in inaccessible and tribal-dominated area which are often cut off during the rains.
A couple of days ago, I appealed to former nurses, ward boys, doctors, retired jawans who served in the Army medical corps, and students who have completed medical education.
A special email id was announced. I had appealed to those with the preparation, desire and courage to contact us as Maharashtra needs you. Till today morning, 21,000 emails were received, expressing their intent.
These applications are being scanned based on their vocation and geographical location. The sentiment of putting up a unified fight has seeped into our psyche.
Grain is being provided everywhere. We are working to remove fear in the minds of drivers and loaders. Grain supply is being undertaken at all places. Around 1.25 crore families have taken offtake of PDS rations from fair-price shops.
Rice under the Centre’s PDS scheme is being distributed and we have also sought supply of dal from the Centre, and I am sure we will get it in the coming days. The Centre and State are working hand in hand.
80,000 meals have been sanctioned under the Shiv Bhojan scheme. I have asked them to increase the capacity based on the need.
Almost 5.5-6 lakh migrant labour from different States are being provided breakfast and two meals a day, along with medical care.
Despite these measures, they are a bit rattled. I would like to appeal to them that you are in our State and we will take care of you. Please do not panic.
There are reports about what happened at Bandra station today everywhere. Yes it happened. This is because, they felt trains will start after 14th and they will be able to go home.

We are taking care of their needs and requirements.
The day the lockdown will be lifted, not just me, but the Central government will make arrangements for you to go back home.

This is the time to confront the situation, in which we Hindustani never fall short.
The Maharashtra Government will take care of you like the Chief Ministers of other States are doing for the people of Maharashtra.
Do not bring politics into this. Do not play with the sentiments of the poor. Don’t give things a different colour. I have warned earlier, if someone tries to create a law and order problem, the Maharashtra Government’s law will not spare them, regardless of who they are.
Do not spread misunderstandings. We will not allow this fire to spread. All parties and their senior leaders are together in the fight regardless of political affiliations. This includes Narendra Modi ji, Amit Shah ji, Sonia Gandhi ji, Sharad Pawar ji, and Raj Thackeray.
The Government is acting for your betterment. The virus does not discriminate on caste, sex and religion. The lockdown will be removed once the danger passes.
We will win this war with self-confidence and staying at home.

I am sure you will co-operate in the future like you have been so far.

Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra!
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