As Ontario prepares to extend emergency measures until May 12 - a new poll shows many Canadians are open to extending measures for longer, in order to contain spread of #COVID19 - the @WHO has warned against easing restrictions too quickly:
2500+ Canadians & Americans surveyed on #COVID19 related issues.

29%: Lift restrictions when no new cases for 2 weeks

25%: Restrictions lifted when sporadic cases & no pressure on the health system

20%: isolate until there is a vaccine

Of those polled -
65% of Canadians & 19% of Americans are concerned about their neighbours to the South/North.

26% of 🇨🇦 & 46% of 🇺🇸 say they're not complying with at least one isolating measure.

(US is new epicentre of virus: 580k+ cases & 20k deaths via @JohnsHopkins )
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