i know times are hard but i'm gonna list everything i've got that's for sale

i'll post links where i can, for everything else please dm me

if paying in installments i'd prefer 25% of the quoted price as a reserve ūüíö
vintage mask prints (pre-order)

8x8 prints, only 25 of each available

£15 each or £35 for all 3

trick'r'treat prints

very high quality paper, a5, only 3 left!

lavender town (ghost pokemon) wooden hand

7 inches tall at full extension

jackass wooden hand

8 inches at full extension

showtime hands!

freddy krueger, hellraiser and evil dead are all still available

these are all around 18 months old, they need homes

shard (a3)

i really need better pictures of this one, it will come framed!

black & white (a4)

this one will be framed. it's not on the store but i'm happy to list it for £50

these are all a5 and framed, there's also a lords of salem one available (that'll be in the next post)

lords of salem (a5)

it'll be sent out framed (i need a better picture of it)

hearts (a4)

will be sent framed. not listed on the store but i can send this one for ¬£60 ūüíö
heathen (a3)

one of the first skulls i ever made

revamp (a3)

a revisit to an old painting i made, adapted to my newer jaggy style

cannibals (a3)

made around the same time as reptilian, can you tell i was listening to a lot of converge at the time?

hannya (a3)

made with posca markers and gold acrylic paint (it's dried like a foil print, the shine is ridiculous)

uzumaki (a3)

not listed on the store but i can go as low as ¬£180 for it if anyone's interested ūüíö
corpse (50cm x 70cm, approx 20x28)

this will be framed but at that size any pictures in a frame basically turn it into a mirror


yellow hand (a4)

not listed but happy to do it for £50
flamingo & gummy bear (both a6)

not listed but i can do these for ¬£20 each ūüíö
love hearts (a6)

only "piss" is still available but i can recreate them or make a custom phrase of colour scheme for £20 each
hail satan love hearts

i'm currently out of 10cm x 10cm canvas boards but i can make these as a6 paintings

£20 framed, £15 without a frame
gold fang canvas boards (5x7)

£20 each
blink 182 violence hand

8 inches at full extension

not listed but available for ¬£50 ūüíö
i think that's everything. thanks for any retweets, likes, comments etc

i'll be popping one of the skulls up for a raffle tomorrow if it isn't sold by then so keep an eye out!
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