A high ranking Democratic lawmaker who is now deceased groped me in a limo on Capitol Hill in the 90s. He sexually assaulted me. It’s in his NYT obituary. Were he alive today and running against Trump I would vote for him. This is a serious tweet.
The guy running today isn’t that guy. But he has been problematic for decades. The thing on the headlines is an op. I don’t excuse him for past behavior. But for the love of God people. Focus. And know when you’re on the receiving end of foreign active measures & GOP ops.
She is part of an operation against the United States.
* for those who are new to observing Russian military foreign influence campaigns on the United States of America, the language is directly out of the FSB propaganda playbook. It’s very curious. More will be revealed.
Also, men? Please do not discount the experience of survivors right now. Many of us are experiencing pain because of the wall-to-wall trigger and denial cycle, and impunity for sexual predators. Don’t tell us to get over it or wait until November. We have waited long enough.
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