This may be an unpopular opinion - but Bernie was the last chance. Whether we like it or not, Bernie was working for and in the establishment. The unique thing about him is he seemingly cared for the people.
The problem is you want "normal" back when your "normal" was TOXIC af.
"We need a normal candidate in the White House, not this crazy ass President!" the Democrats constantly clamor.
Normal? How many bombs did Obama/Biden order dropped on innocents? How many people were deported? What, because they did it with more class? Used bigger words?
The real issue is: Americans put all of their eggs into one basket, be it a basket for democrats or a basket for republicans - you only have two choices and both of those choices constantly fuck everyone over. With the crumbs your being fed, why are you still on your knees?
You're begging them to rule over you, why? You don't need Bernie, you don't need Joe, you don't need Trump - you do however need each other. Things are going to get a lot worse. The illusion that capitalism represents will slam it's angry fist on your very dinner table.
16 million people have lost their jobs, homes will be lost, evictions will be issued, all over what?
So, to the democrats out there who follow me - who tow that "blue no matter who" line, understand that when Biden loses, it's not Bernie's fault. It's Biden's.
If Biden actually gave two fucks he'd reach out to leftists and to the people who support Bernie. He needs those people to win, but he isn't even sprinkling any crumbs.
You want the real truth behind Joe Biden? The Democratic Party wants him to lose. WHY?
They want Joe Biden to lose because many of the establishment Democrats hold the very same capitalist mentality as Republicans do. Many are heavily invested in markets like oil, fracking, prison systems etc.: under Trump it's been a free for all. They're all getting rich.
Now you have the weakest possible candidate up against a narcissistic megalomaniac who is a far right wing populist. You want everything back to "normal", you want a president who is "normal" - Joe isn't going to give you any of that. Stop being fooled. Wake up.
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