The prime minister is up. He says four planes worth of N95 masks have arrived in Canada. "These new N95 masks are in addition to the more than 820,000 that went to provinces last week," he says. 1.1 million N95 are ready to be shipped with more to come.
Trudeau says the government is committing $130 million to the North to boost their health care system and more $ for Nutrition North to help offset the cost of food in the region.
"These are tough times but we're going to help you through them to help set your community up for when things get better - because they will," Trudeau says.
Trudeau says Parliament passed the largest spending package since the Second World War over the weekend. He says there will be more support for students, essential workers and sectors that have been "especially hard hit" (I assume a reference to the oil & gas sector and tourism).
Trudeau says returning travellers will have to quarantine in a hotel if they don't have a credible quarantine plan upon arrival in Canada. He is also announcing $20 million for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to boost the organization's capacity.
"If you're grieving, know that you're not alone. We're here for you during this tough time," Trudeau says in a message to the people who have lost a loved one. Trudeau adds Canadians should stay home and stay 2 metres apart - if they do go out.
"I know people are interested in when things will go back to normal ... the reality is it's going to be weeks still. It is going to be important to get our economy going but we're going to have to remain vigilant until such a time as a vaccine is found," Trudeau says.
He says different regions of the country are at different points along the curve. "Those discussions are ongoing about how we're going to re-open the economy it's just going to be a while still."
Sectors especially hard hit by COVID-19 - when is the oil industry bailout coming? "The important thing from the very beginning was to get help out to Canadians regardless of the sectors they were in or their location," Trudeau says.
"We will and we are looking at more specific sector-related relief. Whether it's the airlines, tourism or oil and gas or others." He says more details soon. (We've been hearing that for weeks.)
Asked about the terrible state of some long-term care homes, Trudeau says LTC homes are provincial responsibility. He says Ottawa has released new guidelines for how these homes should be run.
"We recognize the tragic and terrible stories that have come out of long-term care homes. We know we need to do more." He says it's important that everyone continue to follow directions & stay home as much as possible.
"We recognize some of the measures taken to protect seniors in our LTC facilities such as asking someone to work in only one centre means we'll have to hire more people to help our seniors and work in their centres," Trudeau says.
Why did you go to Harrington Lake this past week? Trudeau says after 3 weeks of him being at Rideau Cottage he said he's spend Easter with them - and he did. "We continued to follow all the instructions of public health authorities."
Trudeau says he wants to thank the provinces for "improving the quality of the data they're sending to Ottawa." He says all the provinces have done a much better job of sharing their data.
"We continue to improve on data collection and collation but that is something that is a really important way to ensure we're doing the right things at the right point to keep Canadians safe."
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