This is good & it’s all of us. Yesterday, I was frustrated & scared by people who are trying to break quarantine, because they are endangering themselves & others & moving the goalpost of the end of this further away for all of us. This didn’t make me less frustrated but...
it did make me realize that some people are having a hard time mentally catching up to what the reality is because it is unfathomable. So I feel bad people who are defying stay-at-home orders or who are bending the rules because they believe they are just getting something back
that doesn’t really exist right now. What good is it to sneak nothing? What good is it to defiantly fly across the country to...continue to Zoom? I think people, who are otherwise safe & well cared for, are ascribing feelings of despair TO the rooms & situations
where they are sheltering in place, while the truth is, that despair would exist no matter where you went, because it’s a desperate time. But also, if you are otherwise safe, it’s been, like, a month. A month of TV & snacks & books & Twitter & yet people are still snapping
because we are so accustomed to choosing. So even when settled in with most of the things we normally would choose, we feel bananas because this time we’ve been ordered to do it. That’s the part we literally can’t take. That the order came from some authority...and we’re not
even wrapping our heads around the fact that the order is really coming from...biology? Bio doesn’t care if we miss hugging or restaurants. And I AM sorry about all the postponed hugging/kissing/other stuff you miss. Those are biology too. Biology is being a real dick right now.
Stay home. Stay inside. We all want to come out again one day.
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