#Thread: Hi. I know it’s a weird time but I wanted to share some good news I got over a week ago when I was grieving & not in a place to let it sink in. I recently found out I was awarded the Provost’s Early Career Award from @UWMadison. Here’s what that means & why it’s cool.
So first, this is a nomination-based internal award. I didn’t have to apply. I didn’t even know my chair had nominated me. I just got an email telling me I won. I’ve never received a monetary award like this where I didn’t have to do anything. It’s a baffling honor.
I legit had to call my partner & be like “What is happening? Is this real?” because the award is for $50k in unrestricted research funds good for 3 years. That means I can use it for any research expense for any project I want to do. And as a humanities person, that’s a lot of $!
Since I’m nearly done with my second book, this basically means I have the funds to start any third project I want after I finish Book 2. I don’t have to apply for funds or justify the project. I can do whatever research I want. I’ve never had that kind of intellectual freedom.
Between having tenure now and this award, I’ve never felt so powerful & free in my career. I am immensely grateful & cannot wait to dream big for research project 3. I already have some ideas for how to make sure I am doing work that supports collective liberation & justice. ✊🏾
Finally, as a fat Black queer woman, I am consistently amazed that I am here, doing this academia thing & mostly thriving. Part of what makes that possible is the community of women, queer, POC & disabled academics & activists who challenge me & cheer me on (both are important!).
I am blessed beyond reason & I promise to do my best to pay it forward & keep fighting the good fight where & when I can. Thank you all for being a part of my digital life & for your continued support of me as a whole human, twerks, fashion, political critiques & all. 💜
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