irene, seulgi, wendy, and joy as yeri's big sisters and best friends: a soft thread

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yeri started her training when she was on 5th grade, so irene took care of her like a baby. it made irene feel more responsible as an unnie.
that one time when irene nudged yeri to give a speech at an awards show at looked at her like a proud mom. uwu
not only irene but seulgi also claims to be yeri's mom. seulrene would literally spit on ot4 who h*te their daughter.
since yeri has lost so much "play time" bcs of idol training, seulgi does her best to "play" with yeri sometimes. :c
just putting my favorite yermseul video here for added softness and warmth. :)
yeri is confident in speaking english and i bet wendy is one of the reasons why. wendy always encourages her when the opportunity comes.
yeri calling wendy her best friend and wendy saying it's an honor. crying rn. :(
joy praised yeri for being such a mature unnie to her younger siblings even when she's the maknae of the group.
when joy said she wants to live with yeri even when their contract expires bcs she does not have sleep paralysis when she sleeps with yeri, that's when i knew: joyri bffs. 😭
the unnies have a special song for yeri when she's tired after their rehearsals. i guess she'll always be their baby. 🤧
so to all the OT4s and akgaes who h*tes yeri, please tattoo this video on your brain and remember that your the OG4 will not hesitate to fight you.

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