Lyon striker Moussa Dembélé paid £180,000 to build a medical center in Kobiri, Mali, the village where his father grew up.

The hospital is the first of its kind in Kobiri.
In 2018, Dembélé visited Kobiri, where one of his relatives told him about the difficulties that people have to go through just to get a medical diagnosis.

On July 3, 2019, he opened the maternity hospital. Since then, 95 births have taken place at the hospital.
Dembélé has previously helped to fund football pitches in Kobiri and the 17 surrounding villages. He has also donated protective gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers for the hospital.

Going forward, he will help to provide ambulances for the hospital.
Aside from funding the construction of a maternity hospital, Dembélé also organized a football tournament in Bamako during his trip to Mali last summer.

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One last thing: Dembélé didn't tweet about any of this, he didn't post it on Instagram; he just did it.

Just because somebody isn't publicizing their work for their community, don't assume they're not doing anything.
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