Good News, PA:

✅ Curve *is* flattening.

✅ Ventilator capacity rate remains *stable* at 70% free.

✅ Models suggest peak could arrive *this* week.

Your sacrifices have *undeniably* been working.

Thank you, all. 👈

It’s critical this part of our journey continue.
Everyone’s dual goal is to protect lives until + then focus returns to restoring livelihoods.

Please understand that latter can’t occur until the former is secure.

That’s undeniably happening.

Stay this course: it’s working so everyone in PA will be too.

Thank you. 💯
Every single person in leadership is fixated on rebuilding PA.

Please resist call to “open it all up” because science tells us that is 💯 premature.

Everyone wants back to normal. Science is the guide. The results are the proof. Your faith to stay the course is critical.
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