Okay! I’ve had it enough. The more i want to appreciate the shippers for their efforts for the MV and their selfless love, the more they make it difficult for me by somehow blaming Sid for
things which don’t make sense.

Please read the whole thread before you respond.

So I’ll be tagging some big handles of #SidNaaz FD at the end of this thread for some answers.

Before i start, i am in no way against SidNaaz because i respect their bond and am really awe of it. Whatever name you give it friendship or love. It is beautiful.
Before you started #DilSeSidNaaz trend, you guys were pretty sure, you’re trend wouldn’t be acknowledged and you’re here for no credit and love them selflessly. Right?

Now there’s a screenshot of a comment on Sid’s IG being circulated and you guys suddenly low-key agree to it.
A person who didn't acknowledge his Solo fans trend yesterday due to a pandemic whole world is fighting against, and you expect him to appreciate a couple tag which isn't even official?

If he does that wouldn’t it be almost confirming the status of his relationship?
So, in the same manner Sid should also acknowledge Sid__Ra(No way Ra is even getting close to sid) trends in the future as he’s cordial with her now?

Your trend was couple trend not a friendship one. How could you expect him to openly appreciate it when he’s calling her friend?
SidNaaz has Shehnaaz in it too. She did acknowledge a solo trend few days back not this one? Why isn’t she being questioned?

As for the ‘Likes’ thing or Herdhush one. I could make another thread for it if you wish.

PS: I’m not against you guys. I just want answers. Explain.
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