Today, I am very tired.

I am tired of medics minimising the mass mailings sent out to #disabled ppl and our families and carers and hiding behind and trying to redefine the issue as “an incorrect definition of DNR and DNACPR”. The communications being sent out by various #NHS
bodies are the ones misusing that terminology; they are also baldly stating things about “so family/carers do not call an ambulance” and “so vital medical personnel are not exposed by attempting to treat you”. There are certainly conversations to be had about the process by which
The medical profession has historically been truly terrible at engaging with medical #ableism and the ongoing gaslighting of #disabled and #chronicallyill ppl, and has historically blamed it on similar lack of specialist knowledge or misunderstanding by the patient (this ofc
It is incredibly important that we do not allow the heroism that so many #HealthcareWorkers have been forced to display in this crisis to turn into excusing institutional failures; either in the massive underfunding anc underequipping of the #NHS by #Tory governments or in the
ppl are prioritised for (the very limited available) ventilation and less invasive forms of supportive care for #COVID2019; there is some significant #ableism, #fatism and #racism that needs seen there too. But even as a basic thing, I’d just like it “acknowledged” that these
communications were sent out, en masse, to #disabled and vulnerable people and their carers, and that our resulting mass terror is not due to misunderstanding, hysteria or lack of specialist knowledge. It’s based absolutely on what was communicated by a government body.
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