Panel ongoing right now by @TheBlueDawn56 on #Mentalhealth and #IndianConstitution. @deepapawar6 our founder and NT/DNT activist, starts with the powerful line -
"Constitution is my 'life track'. How to live my life in present, past, future, how to work with my community"
1st question to her - pls talk abt ur concept of #mentaljustice.
@deepapawar6 who had coined this last year says
"I have always said #Mentalhealth is not just about an individual. Similar situations can create different mental injuries depending on one's social background.. 1/n
", even in #COVID2019 crisis, it is distressing for everyone; but for some it is an inconvenience and for a large population it is a question of life & death. #Mentalhealth of the 2 groups cannot be the same. Therefore we need to speak of #mentaljustice, not just MH" 2/n
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