Really very bad how I will never be able to have passion and hobbies alongside being able to support myself and live by myself and be stable, and if I were to do what I need to be "successful" it would mean giving up the idea of ever being happy. Really sucks how in order to live
I have to sell my soul to a corporation, sell the vast majority of my time , just so that I can have enough money to be allowed to stay alive, all without any prospect of being happy. I can't better myself or go to school or learn new skills, because I'm forced to focus on work,
But I cant be supported by working because I have no skills or schooling! So both sides of life suffer from this! This focus on "work or die" destroys the soul, destroys creativity, destroys happiness, destroys productivity, destroys hope , destroys humanity
It's ok, I have no goals or dreams or hopes, and if I did I have no way to accomplish them. I'm a fake person with no soul and no personality and no future.
If anyone is reading this im safe dont story about me , I'm just worthless
I'm going to sleep now pls ignore this thread
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