@POTUS Dear Mr President with all due respect I have a few questions for you. 1) why do you get so angry at a reporter when they ask you a question you don’t like? You lash out at them calling them names! Obviously you have anger issues.
2) why do you continue to speak miss truths? You will say something one day and tweet the next you never said it. We can all fat check and find out it is an absolute lie!
3) why do you continue to say that you acted on this virus very quickly and efficiently?
You were informed about this in December and January also facts don’t lie! You didn’t respond as a president should’ve responded during a pandemic! You waited too long! Thousands of lives were lost. Saying it was only the flu, it was a hoax
It will go away in April when the weather warms up… Complete denial and incompetence and acting.
I am not a journalist, I am not fake news and I am definitely not a cutie pie. Just a concerned citizen who pays your salary. Please reply
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