Good Morning all! How are you holding up? I hope you are all well & staying safe whilst seizing the opportunity to spend time with loved ones at home and realigning oneself with your goals and passions!
Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have been thinking of the many of you who may be feeling cut off from the outside world. So let’s get a conversation going in the replies to this thread. Talk to me and others - Tell us anything! Talk about what you are working -
- on! What are you thinking about? Do you have a colour theory or art history question that you would like answered? Maybe there’s something about me and my paint that you would like to know more about!
If you are an artist who has had an educational course or painting retreat cancelled, allow me to introduce @vickinormanart’s new online interactive workshops, connecting you directly with other artists and @vickinormanart herself.
Covering everything from colour theory, colour mixing, colour harmony and more. For more info simply visit Vicki’s website -  and visit the page titled ‘Workshops and Events’ 🎨

I look forward to reading your comments! Best wishes, M
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