Lockdown serves two purposes:
1. Flatten the infection curve (which may otherwise can overwhelm the medical infrastructure)
2. The country or state is not prepared to face the increase in numbers and needs time to augment the medical infrastructure.
#LockdownExtended #COVID2019
For India, the first is achieved to a great extent.
No proper update on the second point (i.e. working to gear up to face the increasing number of infected numbers).
If the second point is not addressed then this would be a wasted #LockdownExtended #COVID2019
We would have managed just to postpone the inevitable at a great economic cost.
For ramping up our medical infrastructure a sensible partial #lockdownextension should be done.
Factories should operate using proper precautions. Onus of this should be put on Owners. #COVID2019
If we do not operate our agricultural and industrial set up, we are setting ourselves up for a major supply chain disruption causing huge shortages of all essential and not so essential products due to such mindless #LockdownExtended
Our aim should not be to try to have zero loss of life or to try to beat #coronavirusindia. Both are futile and un-winnable exercises. Just to put in perspective about 1000 people die each day in our country due to TB. Do we try to bring that to zero? #LockdownExtended
Better solution would be to have semi lockdown status with:
1. malls and cinema halls and likes closed.
2. Have 144 imposed preventing gathering of more than 3-4 people.3.
3. Keep factories open with sensible social distancing and other precautions in place. #LockdownExtended
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