1st picture is what I have tweeted.
It was not my fault that I had said all this but no one understood me
They will also leave shehnaaz, when she stops doing things according to them , when she makes up her mind, these people will also leave her

True kattad fans?? No baby no
If your thinking is not found with someone, it does not mean that u will start abusing that person.
Who are u guys To judge someone whether he/she is right or wrong?

The day both of them confess yes we love each other, will u leave sana?yes Kyuki abhi tumne khud bola h ye

We are solos but that doesnt means you are bound to not support sidnaz aur any other contestant

You all are staning shehnaz gill but you are all losing your positivity because now some people are more into hatred

Just support your fav but don't don't judge anyone's decision (1)
If Anyone Is Not Bashing SidHearts, Asimians, etc thn According to some Fans You Are Not Shehnaazian

If You Support SidNaaz Thn You Are Not a True Fan because KATTAD fans ek ke hi hote h

Many of u misunderstood me yesterday but that tweet was for these type kattad fans

By not believing one another&questioning each other’s loyalty just like other fandoms question their own member when they are not abusing sana

We all know other fandoms are already divided because of this kind hatred

Do you want shehnaazian to go through this?

(4) #ShehnazGill
People who don't have any grudges for sid and happy to adore them are simply not wrong we support& love Shehnaaz and they are following her footsteps which you people clearly aren’t doing.

I request/ hope that because of few people in our fandom this fandom doesn’t break.

I don't have any problem with the ones who abuse me, my family or whatever..
You don't simply do not have any right to say that I'm not a shehnaaz supporter..

I'm not here to satisfy anybody's ego just you all here to satisfy your fucking egos..

Before bashing try to understand others opinion too..
I'm double faced? Okay fine yes im a just like shehnaaz kaur gill because she herself indulge in this sidnaaz fandom and supported them wholeheartedly ❤


I request you people please don’t turn into SidHearts.

We all have our opinions and it’s not important that it will match always, so it’s better we respect each other’s opinion.

Whoever participated in today’s trend doesn’t make them a less of a Shehnaazian.

I have not felt bad about anything. That is all I will say next time, before you say anything to someone, think a little and speak thoughtfully ❤

You guys have come here only to support , don't be a dictator ❤

Stay calm and spread positivity ❤


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