So, why does the GH COVID-19 Tracker which was launched yesterday seeking all these permissions on your Android device?

Isn’t this app supposed to just collect your name, email and phone number and predict an outcome? Why all these? @Citi973 @Joy997FM #citicbs #joysms
Below is a list of actions and access the GH COVIS-19 Tracker has on your android devices:

1. See all your photos, videos & docs
2. Access to your biometric data. Fingerprint and Face unlock data.
3. Access your microphone
4. Access your phone’s camera.
Meanwhile, 3 developers in Ghana have come out with 3 separate apps which the Gov’t of Ghana + Ministry of Health could have adopted for tracking & tracing of #COVID19 cases but they outsourced to an agency in the states.

How does this promote our local developers community?
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