Jikook & Mewgulf

How their relationship is similar the thread

- this is my personal observation on seeing the similarity on both relationship. It will be long and back to back, so bare with me. English is not my 1st languange
If u dont know who MewGulf is just google it — they both actors in TharnType BL Thai series, I recommend u to watch it. They have special relationship on/off camera. Shipping n fanservice is something normal in BL thai, but i see something unusual between them.
1. Jikook - protector. We all know how jimin feels safe whenever jungkook is around. If u are jikooker or just army u will know he mentioned it before. And u can see how protective jungkook gesture is in some occasions
1. Mewgulf - protector. Gulf also mentioned in one of their interview that he find Mew is a person whos able to protect him. Watch several of their videos and u will see whenever they r together Mew will always holds Gulf’s hand. Cr: just aselarin
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