We're having promotion on Mnet Countdown with CRAVITY. Debut stage with Mnet. Can't wait for performing "Break All The Rules" from #HideOut's Album. #⃞크래비티현준
CRAVITY's hot debut stage will be unveiled for the first time at M Countdown! For today, I'm ready to fix the fans who have lost their voices waiting under the name of M Countdown! 📺
Not only the title song, Break all the Rules, but also a special interview. Don't miss it! Don't miss it! Don't miss it! Don't miss it, Crabbies! It is our first debut stage at M Countdown❗🙋‍♂️
Wait!!! Wouldn't it be too bad if we just watch Break all the Rules? MONSTA X Jooheon sunbaenim gift to CRAVITY. JUMPER's stage is also prepared. Everyone, get ready to play~ Don't miss out on M Countdown tonight at 6pm! 📺
Our performance stage in Mnet Countdown already over. You can check the video in this thread from our SNS official account. 📺❗❗ Don't forget to watch it, and tap the love button! Support Cravity! https://twitter.com/CRAVITYstarship/status/1250740799764967425
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