Why I still think Michael Jackson was in no cent a THREAD:
First of all, I want to start by saying that I did a lot of research before saying this, I will not just say, Michael is innocent because he loved helping people and he would never hurt someone.
Let’s start with Jordan Chandler. There was a trial, and Evan Chandler (Jordan’s father) demanded 25 millions dollars to Michael. The singer finally paid 22 millions dollars because he went on tour right after the lawsuit and he didn’t want to give more money.
Few years after, Jordan admitted that he lied under the influence of his father, Jordan also accused his father of being violent toward him, he made a complaint about him, because he hit him with a dumbbell and a mass. Jordan got a restrictive order.
Evan committed suicide not a long time after.
Now, let’s talk about Michael’s employees who swore that they saw Michael molesting childs. The fact is that they claimed this just before he fired them. Isn’t it weird?
Another, the employee’s lawyers filmed the questionings to cover the case. Michael’s best friend, Macaulay Culkin denied the accusations.
Now the Arvizo’s affair, Michael was contacted by Jason’s family because he was dying of a cancer. Michael invited him at Neverland.
A true friendship was born between Michael and the little boy. Gavin called Michael « daddy ». The problem is that Gavin’s mother always asked to Michael if he could buy her a lot of presents, like for example, an house. So he fired them from Neverland.
This is at that moment that she decided to make a complaint about him.
The 18th of Novembre 2003, 70 policemen came in Neverland to search evidences. This raid was entirely filmed once again, because they wanted to cover the event. Every room were filmed and the whole world could see them.
Michael was traumatized to the point that he couldn’t sleep in his bedroom anymore.
During this raid, the policemen didn’t find anything, as long as it’s not porn mag, with women’s pictures.
During the lawsuit, Gavin lost his credibility. The fact is that this boy had already wrongly accuse a very rich man from a very big supermarket of touching, exactly like he did for Michael Jackson. Nobody believed him.
Now, to finish this thread, let’s talk about the liars who appeared in « Leaving Neverland ».
To begin, James Safechuck said that he was abused in 1992 in the Neverland’s station, but the problème is that this station was built in 1994, oops 🤭
He also said that Michael started abusing him in June 1988, when he performed the Bad Tour in Paris. And that he stopped when he replaced him by Brett Barnes.
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