Dear Upcoming Artiste,

Ran a survey some months ago among some of our rising talents. It's about what they (as indie artistes) expect from a record label [deal], if they should sign to any.

Clocked they're mostly about Creative Freedom[control].

How did I forget to share?
I see not all up-and-coming Artistes have an idea of what exactly they expect from a record label. So, I'm sharing this to maybe give you a glimpse of some things you may want to consider when asked such a question.

Shall we?
So, I'll share a summary of that before diving into what each artiste said verbatim:

In a Nutshell, independent artistes expect:

1. PR, Promotion, Branding, A&R.

2. They want to have creative and brand control/freedom.
3. An understanding of the label structure as regards yearly release schedule.

4. An utmost belief in the brand.

5. Funds and network.

6. Expects to negotiate rights ownership upon expiration of a contract.

7. A vision/goal about the artiste's trajectory in 2 years.
8. Knowledge about an average amount the label is willing to invest in the artiste per time.

9. A possible exit clause if the label fails to deliver in 9 months

10. Knowledge about yearly budget for the artiste

11. Choice of release.
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