Ex-rebels recruited by Wagner to fight #GNA in #Libya have returned to their homes in #Quneitra (thread):

1/ Talks about joining Wagner in #Quentira are not recent. Many local notables & Mukhtars have been pressuring former rebels to join Wagner at least since February 2020..
2/ the Military Security branch & two former rebel leaders: Abu Ja'far Mamtanna (photo)& Yasin al-Sari have played a major role in facilitating the process..

Promised with $1000 a month, $25-50K compensation in case of an injury, settling the status of the wanted ones..
3/ .. and an exemption from military service, 100 former rebels in #Quenitra (and not 350 as wrongly reported) have accepted to sign Wagner contracts.

As mentioned and explained to them, their duty is to guard Russian oil facilities in #Libya for a period of three months..
4/ on Sunday (12 April), the 100 former rebels were transported to the 18th Division in #Homs. Upon their arrival, they were told that they will receive military trainings before being deployed to #Libya to battle #GNA alongside #Haftar's forces...
5/ the ex-rebels said they were not told about participation in battles in #Libya.
They contacted their families to inform Abu Ja'far Mamtanna about their rejection and to facilitate their return to their homes

Yesterday midnight, they all returned to #Quneitra
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