Actually the way the remake handles gender fluidity and sexuality as a whole I feel is really interesting, because it at no point actually feels... idk, phobic to me. I have essays I could write about Wall Market as a whole and on characters like Jules and Andrea
Who are visibly gender fluid and extremely respected members of their communities who are at no point played for jokes or laughs. They’re allowed to exist as they are and be good at what they do and that felt so validating.
Cloud’s entire dress sequence is played light heartedly but at the expense of Cloud’s shyness and distaste for attention, rather than at the expense of someone like me. The game takes a moment to very seriously validate gender fluidity through Andrea, and it goes a long way—
— towards mitigating the harm that entire sequence could have easily caused. Obviously I don’t speak for an entire community and your mileage will vary, but as a trans person I came out of Wall Market feeling validated and uplifted rather than punched down.
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