Exposing @/dylanoutsold for the raç!st [email protected] that he is : A Thread
Let's start from where it became too much to ignore.
Dylan made an extremely racist tweet against Indians and was exposed by @feverdream_lily
That isn't the only time he was racist. Here is one more interaction he had with another user.
He has been Islamophobic too-
When caught and exposed by Lily ( @feverdream_lily ) he made up fake screenshots and chats in order to take revenge and frame her for something she didn't do.
Left - Original
Right - Edited by him
He continued his false narrative that Lily is problematic and a p€d0file by editing chats
(Edited screenshots shown below)
How do we know that they are edited?
His screenshots only show the time whereas REAL screenshots display DAY AND TIME.
(Dylan used an iPhone so I asked an iPhone user to send me the ss to make sure that there is no doubt)
Here's him being racist again
I find it hard to support or follow a man who is racist and a liar.
If you follow him, you condone and support his racist actions making you one.
Also, if you know Lily, you would know that Lily WOULD NEVER do anything like that. Please check facts before believing someone who has built his entire personality and account around lies.
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