Alright, a spoiler-free thread of thoughts on #TrollsWorldTour !!

It's.... more Trolls! That's for sure! And I mean that in the best way as someone who really likes this franchise. It's not gonna win anybody new over; they took everything about the first film and took it to 11
Did you like how Trolls was a little weird and trippy? Trolls 2 is VERY weird and trippy! Did you like how Trolls had that sort of felty, crafty look to it? The floor is a quilt now. (I REALLY LOVE THE SET DESIGN IN THIS MOVIE)
Did you like how Trolls was this feel-good movie with an unexpected amount of character depth and social commentary backing it up? WELP. ALL ABOARD THE PEPPY SOCIAL COMMENTARY EXPRESS.
My only real complaint is the script felt a bit bloated, and what could have helped fix that is not repeating things so much. I know your target demographic is 5, Dreamworks, but they're not GOLDFISH. You only explained the lore once last time and it was fine.
(Well okay I have one other gripe but that's gonna involve a PSA I'll post after this thread.)
8/10 beautifully designed film with a few writing hiccups. Liked the first more but this is a very worthy followup that expands the universe and themes of the first movie.

Also it needs even more Broppy.

Please Dreamworks I love them.
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