I've spent a lot of time reading pieces about the economy.

Please remember that the economy is in doldrums.

That's a fact and facts don't change.

We need to be sensible and sensitive.

We need to place our priority in giving the MSME's their right.

If you think telling in a speech will make it easy for businesses to pay salaries and not fire staff then let me tell you that working capital is an element of business that evaporates faster than its generation. With zero cashflow, the businesses will have to deploy this capital
to pay for salaries, rent and other statutory dues. The government has to factor that MSME's are small units.

Social distancing is impossible to observe.

If they don't run in optimum capacity, they have no profitability. Applies to most businesses.

The only solutions are:
1. To allow free access to working capital at negligible or nil interest rates.
2. To completely waive off all payroll taxes for a while.
3. To come out with a complete package for affected sectors like aviation, hospitality, travel, tourism etc.
4. Forget fiscal prudence and deficit for 2 years and spend enough to incentivise the economy and kickstart consumer confidence and spending.
5. Incentivise companies who are looking to exit China and start manufacturing in India.
6. Incentivise companies to lower dependence on China or any other countries. Create sophisticated supply chains in India.
7. Ensure bureaucratic loopholes are taken care of, for 2 years at the minimum.
8. Tweak labour laws.
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