"If you're any one of those things, you count less as a person. If you're all of those things, you just don't count, except as a statistic"

#stigma #oppression #inequality #fatbodies #intersectionality #SocialJustice
"With the rise of quick diets & big pharma making exasperating claims based on evidence-based trials, there has been an absence of critical reflection, of any moment to exhale & consider what has occurred, & what is occurring into & into the human body"

#weightstigma #CDoH
@WRISK_project Thinking of your work as I read this chapter 😖
Another really good chapter...

Ping @FionaQuigs @HelenlouWest
So much in this also applies to those who identify as 'living with obesity'

"Bodies that are disciplined & legible as white, thin, cisgender, heterosexual, able, & other privileged positionalities are set as the standard by which we are all judged & afforded agency" (p. 220)

#intersectionality #socialjustice #weightstigma

"Our contemporary marginalisation rests on the substantiation of thinness as goodness; the white supremacist project of such a position continues to operate in all arenas &, as such, figures into academic spaces" (p.222)
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