I’ll tell you why all physical sport on the roads has been banned in Italy, France and Spain: 1) you increase your risk of injury which would take the time and space of docs and nurses and hospitals who are needed dealing with #Covid_19. https://twitter.com/cyclinglawldn/status/1249624043680137217
2) Scientists in Japan demonstrated how the liquid particles from a person’s breath, cough or sneeze float in the air and spread over large spaces for over an hour after they are released. These particles spread dramatically further by a person breathing heavily doing sport.
Because they remain in the air and do not dissipate, an infected cyclist can sneeze into the air and a jogger could pass an hour later, breathe in the infection and bam! They catch #covid_19
It is not all illogical and while it’s a hard price to pay for us who live to ride or run—believe me, almost six weeks off the bike has been tough—sacrificing for the health and greater good of my fellow citizens has to be the priority in these difficult days battling #covid_19
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