If you paid for your ticket with a credit or debit card, file a dispute. What their policy is now doesn’t matter, only what is was when you purchased the ticket. You will get your money back. Credit Card companies and banks don’t give a shit about Ticketmaster’s bottom line. https://twitter.com/lambgoat/status/1249766356523892736
It may take a few weeks, but you’ll eventually get your money back. I do this for a living, we’re all working overtime to get our card holders their money back, and we’re very good at doing it. Don’t let them steal your money.
Since this has taken off while I was sleeping go ahead and ask me questions if you have them. I work for one bank, and specialize in Visa, so I can’t tell you exactly how to file a chargeback with yours, but arbitration process works the same for everyone so I can help generally.
A quick note: not all debit cards are created equally. Some will be just as vigilant as credit card companies, some will treat your purchase as if it was made with cash (meaning you’re sol). If you’re not sure what they can do, call your bank or go into a branch for advice.
Also as a reminder: any rights that you have as a consumer were not given to you by banks or credit card companies, they were fought for and codified into law by Democrats. Remember that when you go to vote in November.
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