We reciprocate the PM’s New Year greetings. We understand the compulsion for extending the lockdown. We support the decision
But beyond the lockdown, what was ‘new’ in PM’s new year message?

It is obvious that livelihood for the poor — their survival — is not among the priorities of the government.
CMs’ demand for money elicited no response. Not a rupee has been added to the miserly package of March 25, 2020

From Raghuram Rajan to Jean Dreze, from Prabhat Patnaik to Abhijit Banerji, their advice has fallen on deaf years.
The poor have been left to fend for themselves for 21+19 days, including practically soliciting food. There is money, there is food, but the government will not release either money or food.

Cry, my beloved country.
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