#Covid19India Thread (1-15) 1. Decisive actions have helped India. We have strong leadership and experience of other nations to learn from. #JaanBhiJahanBhi #COVID2019
2. Lockdown/Flatten the curve is a defensive time buying strategy. one can only hope we now have all the medical supplies needed. #JaanBhiJahanBhi #COVID2019
3. Social distancing is everything, but expert telling lies( for noble reason) about masks hurt. Covering face with light towel/dupatta is age old Indian tradition, ramping up production/simple masks sounded more effective than moulding public opinion against it#JaanBhiJahanBhi
4. The number of cases is poor metric, since it depends on testing, focussing on the no. of deaths is a far better metric. Even in deaths, comorbidity is prominent. Ppl are not dying because of ONLY Covid but because it worsens underlying conditions they have. #JaanBhiJahanBhi
5. There is almost no data on how many people are dying ONLY because of Covid. All deaths because of underlying conditions & Covid are being treated as Covid deaths. This makes all the difference.This will not be rectified since expensive decisions need to show lot of ppl dying.
6. We have not been kind to medical fraternity. They do not want to be a martyr. They want to do their jobs safely. Every enemy requires a hero, most of the times they are under equipped soldiers on the battle front. The harsh truth is we care more for ourselves than anyone else.
7. The pandemic does not reform human behaviour, lobbyists have not become saints. Politics and profiteering continue on a unprecendented scale. Most financial benefits post covid will go those that need the least. This is because they have concentrated heard voices.
8. Fear can be justified or unjustified. But fear is also likely to used against us, some countries/people are likely to be better off by inducing this fear politically and financially. #Covid_19india #COVID2019
9. If we are young ( 20-55 ). We may get the virus and need be hospitalised, but we are very less chance of dying unless we have an underlying condition.
#COVID2019 #JaanBhiJahanBhi
10. Not having a demographic based strategy is sub optimal. Clearly we need to protect the (i) old and (ii) young with underlying conditions.
11 The number of deaths under 19 has been almost 0. Why should schools not open ?
#COVID2019 #Covid_19india
12. The children, young and the able are primarily preventing themselves to be the carriers to the real vulnerable i.e (the old and the ill young)
#COVID2019 #Covid_19india
13. No one who has actually lost a job, actually depleted his all savings wants to stay home. Death stares both ways. #JaanBhiJahanBhi
14. Gradually open the economy with social distancing but with only 1 condition- Compulsory strict monitored isolation for 55+ year olds in best in class facilities, preferably near their surroundings for 4 weeks. #COVID2019
15. Finally, follow your government's orders because regardless of whether they are right or wrong, they need our help in getting things done.
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