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The life journey of #JagjitSingh who broke through the norms and revolutionised the Ghazal scenario.

#KaagazKiKashti (2017) by @brahmanandsingh.

Streaming on @PrimeVideoIN.

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The most comprehensive film made on the great composer and a film that no music and film buff anywhere in the world can afford to miss .

#PanchamUnmixed (2008) by @brahmanandsingh.

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#RabindranathTagore (1961) by #SatyajitRay.

Documentary feature for Film Divisions India on the life and works of #RabindranathTagore.

An account of the making of #Lagaan by director #SatyajitBhatkal, who served as a production assistant on the film.

#ChaleChalo / #MadnessInTheDesert (2003) by @satyabhatkal.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.

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A longtime sex advice columnist gains popularity against the backdrop of a ban on comprehensive sex-education in schools in several Indian states.

#AskTheSexpert (2017) by @VaishaliSinha.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
A detailed chronicling of injustices in India told in eight parts.

#Vivek / #Reason (2018) by @anandverite.

#SaeedMirza: #TheLeftistSufi (2016), a documentary feature on filmmaker Saeed Mirza by @Kireetk and Padmakumar Narasimhamurthy.

Featuring snippets by @MaheshNBhatt Aziz Mirza, Pavan Malhotra @IAmSudhirMishra Kundan Shah among others.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.

A short biographical feature dealing with the life and work of legendary documentary film maker - S. Sukhdev aka Sukh.

#EKAkar (1985) by #Gulzar.

Streaming on the @FilmsDivision channel on @YouTubeIndia.

A hard look at the causes and aftermath of the September 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots through the eyes of local people of Muzaffarnagar in the Hindi heartland of Uttar Pradesh.

#MuzaffarnagarBaaqiHai (2015) by #NakulSinghSawhney.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
#ASuitableGirl (2017) by #SaritaKhurana and @SmritiMundhra, that explores the institution of arranged marriage through the lives of three women over four years.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.

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#UstadAmjadAliKhan (1990) by #Gulzar.

A documentary feature on Sarod player Ustad Amjad Ali Khan by Gulzar.

Exploration of the communal violence that triggered in Ayodhya following the Babri Masjid demolition.

#RamKeNaam / #InTheNameOfGod (1992) by @anandverite.

In the middle of a family wedding, documentary filmmaker, Ruchika is put on the spot as her aunts poke at her about 'mission son-in-law'.

#TheGreatIndianMarriageBazaar (2011) by @capricho_ruch.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
Testimonies of ordinary Kashmiris recount a brutal militancy and its terrible response.

#InshallahKashmir (2012) by @ashvinkumar.

Politics prevent a talented athlete from Kashmir from playing football for Brazil.

#InshallahFootball (2010) by @ashvinkumar.

#PanditBhimsenJoshi (1992) by #Gulzar.

A documentary feature by Gulzar, on vocalist Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, streaming on @FilmsDivision channel on @YouTubeIndia.

Exploring various aspects of the lives and politics of Dalit people in Mumbai, the filmmaker Anand Patwardhan talks to the families of those killed in the Ramabai shootings in 1997.

#JaiBhimComrade (2011) by @anandverite.

#SuryaGanga / #SunGanges (2018) by @vallibindanaz and @martanz, narrated by #NaseeruddinShah, it connects the dots between vanishing rivers, massive energy projects and the quiet rise of renewable energy.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
#Roshni : #RayOfLight (2012) by #AnshulAdhikari and #NazneenBhatia, a documentary feature that revolves Roshni who lives in Dev Bhoomi and wants to travel to the land of illusions, Mumbai.

Streaming on @PrimeVideoIN.

Exploration of how the decades-long conflict between India and Pakistan propels both countries to pursue nuclear weapons.

#JungAurAman / #WarAndPeace (2002) by @anandverite.

#Bom / #OneDayAheadOfDemocracy (2011) by @animagineer.

A documentary feature about an Himalayan village known for its hashish industry maintains a unique and ancient form of democracy.

Exploring the stigma facing independent women who seek housing in modern Mumbai through intimate interviews.

#BachelorGirls (2016) by @shikhamakan.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
Women of the Gulabi Gang empower themselves and fight against gender violence, caste oppression and corruption.

#GulabiGang (2012) by #NishthaJain.

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Born amid abject poverty and limited women's rights in the Indian village of Ratu, #DeepikaKumari rises to become the best female archer in the world at the age of 18.

#LadiesFirst (2017) by @UraazBahl.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
An insight into the conflict-ridden region of Kashmir, showcasing facts as they are.
The purely observational piece of storytelling is an honest attempt to showcase life in the valley.

#Kashmir : #TheStory (2018) by #VarunMalik.

Streaming on @PrimeVideoIN.
#ARRahman takes a journey through his life and experiences with 15 of his most-loved songs.

#OneHeart : #TheARRahmanConcertFilm (2017) by #YMMoviesTeam.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.

#3SecondsDivorce (2018) by @shaziajaved, a documentary feature investigating the issue of triple talaq in India.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.

#PushkarPuran / #PushkarMyths (2017) by @KamalSwaroop.

Explores the ideas around Pushkar, presented by Italian writer Roberto Calasso in his book Ka: Stories of the Mind and Gods of India.

Available on @iTunes and @GuideDocTV.
Documentaries by #ShyamBenegal:

Indian Youth: An Exploration (1968)

Close To Nature (1967)

Nehru (1984)

Love We Give For Nothing
Documentaries by #ManiKaul

#BeforeMyEyes (1988)

#MatiManas (1984)

#Siddheshwari (1989)

#Dhrupad (1982)

#Arrival (1980)
#Atul (2017) by @KamalSwaroop.

The film follows artist Atul Dodiya's paintings and the elements in them to construct a story of the artist’s life, to understand the artist behind the paintings.

#Lovesick (2018) by #AnnSKim and #PriyaGiriDesai, a documentary feature about matchmaking for people living with HIV, featuring Dr Suniti Solomon.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
A documenatry feature about loss. And about forgiving

#RubaruRoshni (2019) by @svaticb, produced by @aamir_khan and #KiranRao.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia and @hotstartweets.

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Three cricket superfans use their passion for the sport to escape from difficult lives.

#BeyondAllBoundaries (2013) by @SushrutJain.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
A looks at history and psychology to delve into the possible reasons behind the demolition of Babri Mosque.

#FatherSonAndHolyWar / #PitraPutraAurDharamyuddha (1994) by @anandverite.

Part I: Trial by Fire

Part II: Hero Pharmacy
A seven-year passion project exposes human rights violations suffered by India's LGTBQ community. Sridhar Rangayan explores the ancient laws and patriarchal society that influence society in India.

#BreakingFree (2015) by @sridharrangayan.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
Many couples in India are defying tradition and choosing to marry for love, risking social backlash, arrest, and sometimes their lives.

#LoveInTheTimeOfHate (2016) by #VikramMishra.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
#TheFullCircle (2018) by #RanjeetaKaur.

A documenatry on #MughalEAzam : #TheMusical.

Streaming on @PrimeVideoIN.
Documentaries by #ArunKhopkar.

#Lokapriya (2000)

#Rasikpriya (2000)

#Sanchari (1991)

#GandhiNehruAndModernArt (1999)

#BornAgain (2001)
A study of the politics of hate. Set in Gujarat during the period Feb/March 2002 - July 2003.

#FinalSolution (2004) by @rakeshfilm.

Eight inspirational stories of real women runners from across India and seeks to motivate more women to follow their passion and take up running.

#Limitless (2017) by #VrindaSamartha.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
#Roots (2017) by @shweta_official.

This documentary explores the rich heritage of Indian classical music and the reasons behind its modern decline in popularity.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
A entirely original blend of observational documentary and tropical science-fiction, it follows the stories of six "call agents" that answer American 1-800 numbers in a Mumbai call center.

#JohnAndJane (2005) by #AshimAhluwalia.

Streaming on @NetflixIndia.
#Sikkim (1971) by #SatyajitRay.

A documentary feature about the then nation of Sikkim.

The film was banned by the government of India, when Sikkim merged with India in 1975. The ban was finally lifted by the MEA in Sept. 2010.

#RumiInTheLandOfKhusrau (2001) by #MuzaffarAli.

Based on Tajjali, a Sufi concert with performances by Persian and Indian artists.

The film inter-cuts the concert with life of Khusrau, and similarities of his poetry with that of Rumi's.

#SoFarFromIndia (1983) by @MiraPagliNair.

A documentary feature showing portrait of an immigrant family split between two worlds.


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Filmmaker Leslee Udwin examines the society and values of India after a 23-year-old medical student is raped and murdered on a bus.

#IndiasDaughter (2015) by @lesleeudwin.

Some Telugu Docuementaries..

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